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The Premium Starter Kit with Thieves

Thieves Premium Starter Kit

Have you ever heard of “Switch and Ditch”?? If you haven’t, this picture is the besttt possible explanation of it. I cannot tell you how amazing each and every one of these products are in one blog post. A “switch and ditch” is basically switching out your current household products for more clean, effective, and safe products. A lot of people gradually switch their products as they use and run out of their other items, but in my personal opinion, this kit is seriously the best way to get started.

The Thieves Cleaner alone is so worth throwing out literally every cleaner you have in your house. If you’ve read my blog post about How We Became Oily, you know that this cleaner was what got me hooked and I never looked back. Your house won’t just smell clean, it will FEEL clean. Huge difference, friend.

The Thieves Kit comes with our best selling products and will save you so much money at Target (because you have to go there to buy cleaning supplies, thus spending $200 on other stuff you didn’t need amiright guys?). You’ll also get a bottle of Stress Away, because everybody needs it – try to change my mind, samples of Ningxia Red – also immune boosting and packed with antioxidants, and of course a bottle of Thieves essential oil – diffuse it and you’ll never not diffuse it again.

I gradually switched all of our products over to Thieves and it was the best decision I’ve made. Young Living created this powerful and effective line of products to ensure that we can all go without worrying about the harsh chemicals and toxins in our homes. They made sure that by using the Thieves products they not only safely clean our homes, they help our bodies and our immune systems stay strong in the process.

It’s so much more than clean when it comes to the products we use and it’s insane to think of how many harmful chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis. The Thieves blend is made up of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary. They all play a pivotal role in building strong immune systems and eliminating bacteria and germs even better than the products that we’ve been trained to think are safe to use in our home and around our children.

You will not regret buying this kit I promisseee you. If you’re ready to jump in, Click Here! I’ll even send you a Thieves labelled spray bottle when you sign up!

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the Premium Starter Kit

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