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The Premium Starter Kit with Essential Oils

Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit

Ok friends, if you’re here, you know that this kit is what it’s all about. The Premium Starter Kit (or you’ll see me call it the PSK for short) is everything you need to start incorporating oils into your daily routine. I cannot say it enough.

The oils in the kit aren’t in there just by chance. These are some of the most popular oils Young Living has to offer. One of my team members created a list of pain points that just the oils in the starter kit can address, and you know how many she found?


83 pain points that just these 12 oils can help with. That is INSANE to me. Imagine what the other 220 oils will be able to do when you start using them. The kit oils range in support for sleep, calming, emotions, immune, digestion, muscles, respiratory, hormonal, and literallyyy so many more.

When I first got my kit, I had no idea how to use ANY of them besides lavender, you know, because sleep. I didn’t really educate myself and I had tunnel vision to get my baby and myself to sleep through the night. Lavender itself is sooo much more than just getting you to sleep, and I am here to personally teach you how to use all of these oils to the best of their abilities. You will use every.single.oil. in this kit without a doubt. Want a deeper look into what you’ll be getting? Keep on reading!

Lavender – The Swiss Army Knife of oils, Young Living’s Lavender is seriously the best. I can’t type out all the amazing ways you can use it.

Stress Away – Pretty self explanatory! It has such a sweet scent to it that you could easily wear it as perfume

Digize – For all of your tummy troubles, motion sickness, and occasional digestive issues

Frankincense – The ultimate calming oil. Great for meditation and and spiritual connection. It also has some amazingggg skin properties

Raven – Amazing respiratory support, great for opening your airways before and during a workout!

Lemon – The bestttt smell of all time. Natural detox, air purifier, adhesive remover, booster of energy

Peace & Calming – Another GAME CHANGER in our house. This is Isla’s oil hands down. It has some really powerful oils in this blend, and the kit is an insane deal with this oil in it.

Panaway – My favorite pre/during/post workout oil. It has SAVED my knees and ankles for sure. Any joint discomfort? Panaway is your BFF

Citrus Fresh – Kind of self explanatory right? It’s an air purifier, marinade sweetener, energy boosting citrus powerhouse with a kick of Spearmint.

Valor – This oil has changed.my.life. I will be talking more about this one in an upcoming blog, and I can’t wait to hear what it has done for you. This is called the “Bravery Oil,” but for me, it’s kept me mentally stable since the first time I took a whiff of it

Peppermint – You want some energy? Here you go! It’s also amazing to put in your brownie batter and even your water for a little boost

Thieves – seriously the GOAT (greatest of all time – getttt with it people). Immune boosting, effective clean, keep my kids healthy oil and I will never go without it.

These are all personal testimonies from me, like this is how I use each of these oils. I could use all 12 of them all day everyday because they cater to so many things. These aren’t just good smells friends! They WORK for us.

Want to grab your kit right now? Awesome! Click here and let’s get started. If you’re still on the fence, leave a comment or email me! I would love to know what’s holding you back. You have all the information you could possibly need, all you have to do is decide to say Yes.

We’ll talk soon!



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the Premium Starter Kit

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