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Product Guide for Best Night’s Sleep

What We Use For Our Night Time Routines

When I first started using oils, it was mainly for sleep. Grace was about 7 months old, and literally never slept. Like I don’t know how we both survived the first year because there was just no relief. So I did some research on what oils to use for a good bed time routine, and I was blownnn away at how many oils help for a restful night’s sleep and how we could incorporate soo many of them without it feeling overwhelming or too much to maintain. Pretty much all of the products we use from Young Living are the same types of products we used to buy at Target or Amazon. Only the Young Living products are so much safer around our babies and I know that there’s no hidden fragrances, harsh additives, nothing to compromise their immune systems and harm their little bodies. So it’s a no brainer for me.

I thrive on routine, but not everybody does. So I wanted to make sure that whatever I’m sharing is sustainable for anyone who needs this stuff in their life. The beauty of these sleepy oils is that there are sooo many to choose from, and if one oil doesn’t particularly mesh with you or your kiddos, there’s another oil out there to try. So with Isla, her sleepy oil is without a doubt Peace & Calming. My go-to oil for Grace was always Gentle Baby, but for some reason it neverrr worked for Isla. The first few nights I put P&C in Isla’s diffuser, she was out like a light without a fuss. So you really just have to play around with what works for each person.

Our routine doesn’t stop at just diffusing. Our nightly skin care products and even supplements are all oily! Alright you’ve read enough, let’s get down to the real reason you’re here.

For the Girls

  • For Bath Time – Kidscents Shampoo and Shower Gel. I also have a jar of epsom salts that I stick allll of my empty oil bottles in. The salts soak up any excess oil and we throw about a 1/2 cup under the running water in the tub. It makes the whole bathroom smell literally like a spa, and they’re getting all the subtle properties of the oils that have been soaking up in there while they play.
  • For Bed Time Prep – With Grace it’s super simple, I put the Kidscents Lotion on her legs and arms, and put Lavender and Snifflease in her Feather the Owl diffuser. She randomly wakes up with a sore throat (because hello desert dry air) and a super dry cough, and SniffleEase has pretty much elimated that ever since we started using it at night. Both of the girls brush their teeth with the Kidscents Toothpaste that has a citrus flavor to it, so it’s super easy to get them to brush twice a day. For Isla, we still use all of the Seedlings products and I secretly want to use them forever and ever because they smell and feel amazing on her soft skin. I use the baby oil first, then apply the lotion. I use the linen spray on her changing table cover before they get out of the bath, and I spray her pillows, baby blanket, and lovies right before putting her down. In her Feather the Owl diffuser, we put a combo of either Lavender and Peace & Calming, or the new Seedlings Calm and Peace & Calming. If you know Isla personally or have followed me on social media, you know that child needs alllll the calming she can get. Like I said before, Peace & Calming is herrr oil, and it smells so amazing that I’m totally not mad that it works really well for her.
  • Right Before Bed Time – At this point things need to start winding down, or quiet time if you want to call it that. This is when I use the Tranquil Roll On or the CBD Calm Roll On (or sometimes both because let’s be honest I just want them to go the eff to sleep) for myself and the girls. I like to think that the topical (directly on the skin) application are the oils that actually get them to sleep, and the diffuser in their room helps them stay asleep. If it’s been an exceptionally rough day for any of us, I put Valor down the spine, just to get them to calm down another level, which works every.single.time.

For Mom and Dad

  • Diffuser Blend – I don’t know what possessed me to grab for these two oils one night, but I’m sure as hell glad I did. Northern Lights Black Spruce and White Angelica have been my main squeeze for several months now. Sometimes I forget to turn the diffuser on in our room because of everything else going on around bed time, so it’s not every night I use this combo. I also have done Dream Catcher (it seriously smells like a dream, I’m not lying) and Peace & Calming. Just the name of those two together you know you’re going to literally be in a coma.
  • My Nightly Skin Care Routine – I’m pretty adamant on my skincare routine, both day and night – because they ARE different! Ever since I started using all the ART products my skin has never looked better. I’ve never had acne prone skin so I’ve been lucky, but I’ve dealt with redness, and uneven tones in the past. So at night I start by using the Mirah Cleansing Oil, then the ART Toner, followed by a few drops of Frankincense with a rose quartz facial roller and roll my neck and face. I just started using Sheerlume brightening cream a few months ago and let me tell you I am CHANGED. Whatever this cream is doing while I’m sleeping is working and I will never go without it. I also use the Lavender Body Lotion orrr the Sandalwood cream (depending on how disgusting my feet are) on my feet and calves. Running really dries them out!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. And let me stop you right there pal. I did.not.buy.all.of.this.at.the.same.time. That’s ridiculous and unrealistic. This is months worth of Essential Rewards orders, redeeming points for products, some are in the starter kit, and an occasional One Time Order here and there. I am not expecting you to get all of the things right when you start out, and you most definitely do not need all of these products to get a restful nights sleep! This is what works for me and my family, and I’m sharing it with you as a guide to steer you in the right direction and give you some ideas of what you could incorporate into your nightly routine. Do your research friend! Knowledge is power, and you are the gatekeeper of bringing these products into your home.

Alrightttt so that is it! I’m going to link the products down below so you can reference back without having to read that whole book I just wrote. If you’re already a member, you can add these products onto your Essential Rewards order or do a One Time Order. Just log in and get to ordering!

If you’re new around here and want to get your whole family sleeping like you’re trying to hibernate for the winter, go ahead and Click Here to get your starter kit. The kit has several of the products we use in our routine, so you can get that hardcore sleep right away!

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