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So I’ve never been a runner. Back in high school I refused to run the mile during gym class and I would get like an almost failing grade on that portion of the class. Like why would running be fun for anyone? Howww are people so fast? Why do I feel like I’m going to die 3 minutes after doing some cardio? These were alll the things I’ve asked myself basically my entire teenage/adult life, up until I turned 29.

Growing up I was always on some sort of sport team. I tried soccer when I was 5 and said NOPE, I did cheerleading and dance for a few years, and it got wayyy too competitive (like, think dance moms – no thanks), and I finally found my niche in basketball and softball. So with basketball you run a lot, obviously, but it’s staggered. You’re not constantly moving, and you get to take breaks, sooo not really comparable to long distance running. With softball, you sprint, so that’s totally different. I played both of those sports for a solid 8 years, and side note; my dad was my coach for both sports, all 8 years. I was really freaking lucky, but he also never treated me like the “coaches daughter,” either. He sat my ass out allll the time.

Ok back to running. I started running more often after Isla was born, and when I was a part of the Hawaii fit4mom group. There was a run club, but I was so so so intimidated by it all that I just ignored the fact that it was literally like 3 mile runs once a week with some small runs in between. There were a few mamas that were SO into running, and obviously really good at it, that I just kind of watched them from a distance and secretly wished that I could do what they were doing. So after not losing any baby weight (I actually lost some, and then gained it ALL back), and not really taking my other workouts seriously, I knew something had to change in terms of how I was exercising. So, RUN CLUB IT IS.

Fast forward a couple months, and I started running 2-3 times a week with my bff’s Mandy and Jenna. They seriously saved me in terms of getting me out of the house, giving me a reason to go run, and just being there with me (insert crying emoji here). We would only do like 2-3 miles most days, but we got courageous and did 4-5 sometimes. We all signed up for the Great Aloha Run, which was 8.1 miles, and I did nottt take that training seriously. I had no idea how to train, how far I should’ve been running, like we basically just decided on a number and ran that. Which is totally fine – you don’t need a strict/structured plan to train, but for me I feel like the first time for anythinggg I need a little structure. We finished the race without walking, but man oh man was I huffing and puffing and I was so sore the next 2 days after that run.

I kept up running while we were moving off island, but as soon as we got to Vegas I did nothinggg for a solid 2 months. I tried running in the dead heat of summer at night and I wanted to keel over at .75 miles. I felt so defeated and actually pissed off that all of the work I had done in Hawaii was basically nonexistent. On top of that, we were still living in a rental house waiting for our new house to be finished, and I didn’t have our double stroller so I couldn’t go to any fit4mom workouts (they require all kiddos to be in strollers), so what were my options? I just waited it out until we got our household goods and started the day after they unpacked our stuff.

After going to classes for a few months, they opened up a fall session for their Run Club, and I knewwww I had to sign up for it. I had zero intentions on doing a half marathon program though, like I really just wanted to go out and run a few days a week. When Beth gave me the options of what I wanted to train for, I just blurted out “I’m going to do the half marathon.” And I immediately regretted all decisions I had just made (not really, but you can sense my sarcasm right?). She gave me the schedule a few days later and I stared at it for days, thinking to myself that there’s no fricken way I’m going to be able to do this. The training STARTED at 3 mile runs, there was no easing into this. Sooo I made a few changes to my routine, my diet, and my mindset, and I made it happen.

This schedule is basically engrained in my DNA at this point. I can’t imagine nottt running in the mornings like I do 3 times a week. Sure, I had a few weeks in the middle where I literally felt like I couldn’t do it, but it was all mental. I mean helllll this entire training is 75% mental. I can say though, that if I was doing this on my own, I would have zero accountability and would have given up halfway through, so FIND YOURSELF A RUNNING GROUP. I couldn’t have done it without mine.

I have 2 weeks left of training, and we are at the point where we’ve done the long distance runs and tapering down on mileage.


I have a few things that I’ve done during this training that have really changed my mindset on food, eating to fuel your body, and indulging. But I’ll leave that for another blog post in the future. But for nowww this is my running story and basically if I can train for something like this, youuuu most definitely can too, and probably beat my time in the long run! I am not the fastest runner but I’m PROUD of it (not really, I secretly wish I could run like a 9 minute mile).

I’ll post an update on how the race goes!

We’ll talk soon!



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