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Product Guide for New Mamas + Little Babes

Ok so I have to be completely honest here. I didn’t really think about “going clean” until I had my first daughter. (Gasp!) I knowww, but when she wasn’t sleeping through the night I needed something that was safe and effective for her tiny little body. You obviously can’t drug your children (I’m thinking like Benadryl or some sort of antihistamine you crazies) and hope for the best. You would do things for your child that you wouldn’t do for yourself, and for me, this was making sure that Grace had the best options for a peaceful nights sleep. You can read more about how we got started using oils HERE

When I got pregs with Isla we were using oils pretty consistently, so I had my arsenal ready for when morning sickness, headaches, and heartburn hit – which was pretty early on this time around. I was also recommended a spray to get me prepped for pre and post delivery, and I tell all my preggo friends that they can’t go without it. I had little to no recovery time when it came to the lady parts, and with a newborn and toddler running around that was very much appreciated.

Knowing that all of the products in my home are clean, safe, and effective has given me such peace of mind. Being intentional with what I bring into my house and around my babies is extremely important to me, and I don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals and toxins that can wreak havoc or our bodies and health.

I’ll spare you every detail. So here’s a quick guide as to what we used in our house during pregnancy, for our newborn, toddlers, and crazy kiddos.

For Pregnancy:

  1. Argan Oil and Frankincense: One of my favorite combos. You can never start hydrating your skin too early when your pregnant, so using a natural oil is a great option to keep that glowing complexion or anywhere that needs the moisture.
  2. Ningxia Red: I cannot say enough good things about this drink. It has a ton of antioxidants and it’s a great and tasty way to get all the nutrients in and keep your energy levels up. If you’re nursing, this is going to do wonders for both you AND baby!
  3. Genesis Body Lotion: It’s basically the spa in a bottle. It already has emotional support oils built in, and is a great way to moisturize. It’s perfect for your partner to use for those foot rubs!
  4. Claraderm Spray: This is a perfect “refresher” spray for all the recovering your body will be and is doing during pregnancy and delivery. It has to potential to speed up recovery time and reduce discomfort that comes with childbirth. I started using this spray around 36 weeks pregnant and continued to use it post partum. It lasts forever and has all the right oils in it to get you back to feeling amazing.
  5. Having a clean home for a new little babe is so important, and I’m so glad we have all the Thieves products to do just that. Clean foaming hand soap for all of your guests coming to visit, safe and effective dish soap for all the bottles (by the way, the label on the dish soap says “drink plenty of water if ingested” – you can’t beat that), detergent that is gentle enough for those little outfits and blankets, and the household cleaner to make sure all the surfaces are clean and safe for baby.

Here’s the links to all of the products above!

For Your Little Ones:

I love everything that the Seedling line has to offer. You can grab it in a bundle or pick and choose what you want to use on your babe.

  1. The baby oil is so calming, and is great for lathering them up after a bath and right before bedtime.
  2. The body wash and shampoo is essential for bath time, is safe for those little eyes and has the same calming scent as the oil.
  3. The baby wipes have been a game changer. We keep them all over the house and on the go, they’re great for wiping down surfaces in public places, for sticky toddler hands. They’re so gentle that I use them as makeup remover wipes!
  4. The diaper rash cream is a must – so beneficial and super effective without harsh additives.
  5. The linen spray is an added to bonus of bringing calm to baby’s routine. Spray on their favorite blanket before drifting off to sleep, or bring it with you during long car rides for that familiar to home smell.
  6. Last but not least, Gentle Baby and Seedlings Calm oils. They are the best smells for a new nursery, or even your older kids, and it creates the most calming environment for them.

Here’s a link to all of the products above!

Creating the best for our babies does nottt have to be overwhelming. We can provide them with a loving and calming environment with just a few of these products, and breathe easy knowing our little ones are safe and supported.

Check out the Product Guide for Crazy Toddlers + Wild Kiddos Here!

we’ll talk soon!



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