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How in the HELL did I run a half marathon a few days ago???

I feel like when I told myself in July that I was going to train for a half marathon, I really didn’t understand what that meant. Sure, I knew it was a lot of running, but I’m pretty sure I told myself it was ok if I backed out and didn’t think I could do it.

That was an entirely different Lisa.

I thrive on accountability. Whether it be with working out, my oily business, school, or whateverrr I have going on. When someone is relying on me or looking at me to do something, I fricken do it. I’ve never had issues with doing things on my own, but it just feels wrong (to me) if someone else is involved and I let them down. My personality is also the type where if I start something I legit have to finish it or it will eat away at my insides until I do. So deep down when I signed up for the half training, I knew I would do it and I knew it would change a lottt of things for me.

Like I said in the last running blog post, I neverrrr ran. Seeing some friends on my Facebook feed completing races all the time or just going for “a quick 5 miles on this glorious Saturday morning!” made me legit say out loud – “ew no” and I had zero aspirations to become one of those people. WELP, clearly if you follow me on social media, I have become one of them. But I do NOT do it for the social media content (and don’t accuse any of those other runners of doing that either). When I post about my progress, it’s because I know for a damn fact that there is someone looking at my words and pictures and thinking, “well hell if Lisa can do it, I can 100% do it.” If you are one of those people, DO IT. You will not regret a single minute of training I promise you.

So Sunday, November 17th, was my half marathon. For the days leading up to the race I seriously tried so hard not to think about it to the point where I think I might have not thought about it toooo well. I wasn’t anxious about anything but the TIME of the race. I trained in the mornings, especially for my longs runs, and the marathon started at 4:45pm. So my whole routine was off by almost 12 hours. I went back and forth with so many things about what I should eat that day, what time do I eat my “night before a big run” meal, should I take a nap, do I try and wake up later, like literallyyyy so many things crossed my mind. Soo to get my mind off of all of that, I decided to put up all the Christmas decorations, because you know, that’s normal.

My main concern was that my body was going to feel tired by the time I would start running and I wouldn’t feel at my peak. I have always been the type to work out in the morning or it wouldn’t happen at all that day. So when I found out that the race was at night, there was a flood of anxiety that would come and go whenever I thought about it. I didn’t want to drink a ton of caffeine or anything that I hadn’t done during my training, so I just did my normal routine as if it were a morning run and off to the race I went.

I wasn’t nervous walking up to the start line, like at all. Normally I get myself worked up sooo much before my long runs (my coach Beth can 100% vouch for this lol), and I burn off that energy throughout the run. I don’t know if this was because I had been thinking about this moment all.the.time. for the last 3 months or if my body just knew what it needed to do and it was so ready. My longest run before Sunday was 12 miles. So my body was pretty conditioned to feel these long distances. I know there were about 17,000 people running the half marathon alone (there was a 10K and a full marathon happening at the same time), so basically the entire race I was in a crowd, and it was hard to keep a steady pace or even keep with the pacers because of people weaving in and out all over the road. AND my shoe lace came untied and it has neverrrr come untied for the entire time I’ve worn these shoes, I WAS PISSED.

I’m not trying to make excuses by any means, these are just events that transpired during the race lol

I was feeling pretty good from about mile 4 to about mile 11. I took my gel briks every 3.5 miles (3.5, 7, and 10.5), drank my water after so it could activate properly, and I kept reminding myself to keep my head up, and never let my shoulders go over my knees. I listened to music the entire time because of how loud it was with all the people, although I normally listen to podcasts. Right around mile 11, I hit a freakinggg wall. Hard. I started to feel a dull pain in my hips which made it hard to keep up the longer strides I was trying to make for the last few miles to finish strong. So I felt myself slow down to a fast walk, just to get an evaluation of how the rest of my body felt when I stopped the continuous movement. I really needed that 1/10 of a mile to kind of reset my posture and get my thoughts in check again. I only had 2 MILES LEFT and I was done.

I struggled to get my mind focused on the finish line, but for every person that passed me during those two miles the more I wanted to sprint to the finish. Matt, Mize, and the girls were waiting for me at about 12.6 miles, and I felt like this run was neverrrr going to end. I felt so slow when I passed them but they gave me that push to finish that last half mile.


I really don’t think I understand what I actually did, even still. Or how I’ve come from huffing and puffing on a 3 mile run to this point of being able to run a half marathon without EVER being out of breath or getting injured (except for my poor, pathetic toes, but I don’t call that an injury!). I do nottt take this feat for granted. I am so thankful that my body has shown me what it’s capable of, and how I’ve learned to fuel it with what it needs to do great things.

How fucking awesome is it that I can now just say..

“HAY, I’m going to train for ANOTHER half marathon”

I don’t think I will ever get over that.

My time wasn’t “awesome” by any means. I had a goal in mind, but really my end goal was to finish this race without dying (or with an injury). I would have liked to finish at or around 2:20, but honestly I can’t be mad at the results. I still finished in the top 45% overall, which I think is pretty damn good for how large this race was!

Needless to say, if you want to run a half marathon, you can fucking run a half marathon. Do notttt let your weight, your age, your current physical stamina determine what you can do in 3, 4, 5 months from now. During this process (I did not keep track of my actual weight because that’s not the reason why I trained) I lost about 30 pounds, and I’m down about 50 pounds since last December when I was at my heaviest. There were some things that I drastically changed in my lifestyle, so my personal results are not an indication of what is normal for this kind of training.

I chose to use supplements and products that Young Living has for post workouts, joint health, natural energy, antioxidants, and getting added greens into your diet. I also cut out alcohol alllll together. AND LET ME TELL YOU. If you knew me before I stopped drinking, it’s probably the best decision I ever made (this could probably be an entire blog post by itself).

This is not the end of my running journey. I’m already committed to another half marathon in April, and I plan to start training in the beginning of January. WOO. I’m still going to try and run a few times a week, but by no means follow a strict schedule. I haven’t ran – or really moved my body faster than a brisk walk to be honest – since the race, and I’m craving to get a run in. But to my surprise Vegas is COLD AS BALLS right now and I refuse to go outside unless it’s absolutely necessary. So I’ll leave you with a question that I’ve been asked severalllll times in the last few days by friends and even random people…..

“Soooo, are you going to do a full marathon now that you’ve finished a half marathon?”

and my answer to that is..

“Not a Fucking Chance”

We’ll talk soon!



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