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Our Disney Trip

Ok you guys, if you know me at alllll, you know I love everything Disney.

We used to go to DisneyWorld a lot when I was younger. We have family that lives near Orlando so it was an easy decision to go to the parks every time we went to visit. I obviously didn’t go as much as someone who lives in Florida and has an annual pass, but I honestly cannot tell you how many times we’ve been to Disney because it’s a lot lol.

Anywho, I’ve been wanting to take Grace since the day she was born. I actually went to DisneyWorld with my dad and sister back in 2013 when I was about 7 months pregnant with Grace, sooo she’s TECHNICALLY been to World, just doesn’t really remember it clearlyyy. When we lived in Hawaii we went to the Aulani Resort a few times, but that was the closest thing we got to a Disney experience in Grace and Isla’s lifetime. I myselffff have been wanting to go to Disney for my own sanity, so this trip was a longgg time coming.

So like with all 5 year olds, they ask questions all day everyday (or is that just Grace?). So we gave Grace zero information, for the sake of the questions basically taking over her life and her not focusing on anything else but this trip. So we waited until literally the morning that we left to tell her that we were “driving to a place but wouldn’t know where until we get there” because again, the questions. So during the 4.5 hour ride, all we heard was “how many hours until we get there?”. Can you imagine if she knew we were going to Disney? It would’ve been nonstop questions and I just wanted to get there with my mind still in tact.

So we told her about 10 minutes before we got to the hotel, just because as soon as you drive up it’s alll things Disney because we stayed on property. As soon as we got into our hotel room, she went straight for the window because it overlooked California Adventure Pixar Pier. She was so.freaking.excited. I think 5 years old is the perfect age for them to enjoy the magic of the parks. They’re still kind of in awe of the attractions, the characters, the music, the buildings, the parades, basically the whole experience. So off to Disneyland Park we went!

Our first ride was Pirates of the Caribbean, one of my all time favorites, so I’m so glad that was their first ride at the park. Isla was obviously a little apprehensive about literally everything, so our approach was to just make her go on rides and if she cries, she cries. Turns out she enjoyed every ride we took her on, but trying to getttt her on the rides was another story. When she’s Grace’s age she’ll be a pro at the park, which is probably necessary for her lol.

Side note, Matt’s mom Karen came along with us! She flew in from Chicago the night before we left. I was not about to let our kiddos go to Disney without their grandma. It is seriously so important to me to see these photos with all of them together. Disney was a HUGE part, and still is, of my childhood and of my family memories. I would kill for my parents to see these moments. But obviously I can’t. So having Karen there with her girls made my heart so happy because honestly the memories of who was there with her is what Grace is going to remember most about her first trip to Disney. So I’m seriously so grateful that Karen got to come and enjoy this.

Turns out, Grace is an adrenaline junkie! We took her on all the big rides (except Thunder Mountain because it was surprisingly packed the entire time we were there). Although she didn’t really like Indiana Jones because of all the bugs and snakes, which I can obviously relate to. She absolutely LOVED Space Mountain. It’s been a hotttt second since I rode that ride since I was pregnant the last time I went to Magic Kingdom, so I didn’t remember how fricken FAST that ride is! I was legit scared myself at some points, so I thought she would either be balling her eyes out or had thrown up all over Matt by the time the ride was over. Nope! She had the biggest smile on her face, and said “that was AWESOME.” So basically we have to go back soon so Grace can get her adrenaline fix, it’s decided it needs to be done end of story.

We had 2.5 days in the parks, which I think is perfect especially with kids in tow. This was our first time going to Disney with children we had to look after, and it is definitelyyyy a different experience. You’re just more exhausted by the end of the day, really. But I am so so so thankful we got to make this trip happen. It only took us 4 hours to get to Anaheim, so it’s a super easy drive if we just wanted to pick up and go one weekend.

We met basically all the princesses, rode every ride, saw 3 nights worth of firework shows, and managed to walk almost 25 miles in 2.5 days! I’d say it was a pretty successful trip, and I.Cannot.Wait. to go back. Here are a few more photos from our trip!

We’ll talk soon!



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