New Member Launch Perks

I am going ALL.OUT. for this launch friends. This is a big fricken deal and I’m feeling especially generous to those who grab their kit with me from Launch Day until November 30th. As the month goes on, I’ll release new freebies!

Tell Me the Deets

Ok so for the VERY FIRST PERSON to grab their kit, I have an extra $20 off code for you to use at checkout! Send me a message when you’re ready to get started, I’ll send you the code! You have a few options to choose from, so click here if you’re curious on what the other kits are.

After that has been claimed, I’m going to be including a few of my favorite Holiday items (helloooo bath bombs and Christmas Spirit handsoap), some spa products (think charcoal bar soap, satin facial scrub, crystal roller), and even a Desert Mist Diffuser (omgahhhh).

Regardless of the launch promos, all of my members get some awesome literature and the Oil + Glass Recipe book with a few roller bottles, this is my way of saying “hey thanks” for joining my team!

Alright friends, now it’s your turn to take action. Grab your kit, get all of the freebies, start using your oils! I have everything you need here to get started!

Grab Your Kit Now!

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