My Story

My Story

When the Lightbulb Went Off

Okk I’m going to show some emotion in this one – you better document it because it’s a rare occurrence.

On October 2, 2017, I lost my dad. He flipped over the front of his ATV up at our summerhouse and hit the right side of his head on the cement. The brain damage was so severe that after 2 weeks they told us that there was 0% chance of him waking up. I was determined to get him back down to Chicago where he could be surrounded by his closest friends and family for the last time, so we arranged for him to stay at a hospice facility. He passed away 6 days after being transferred. I was on my way to see him when I got the call that he was gone, I missed being with him for the last time by 12 fucking minutes.

THAT SAME DAY, we found out that Matt had been assigned a 6 month deployment, and leaving in 3 weeks. The term “when it rains it pours” is a fucking understatement for what was happening.

I literally had no time to grieve anything that had happened, or what was about to happen with Matt leaving. I had to put on a face, take Grace to school everyday, go workout, go outside at night to play with the neighbors. I acted like nothing was going on. Oh and I had been dealing with some really bad GI issues for several months before my dad’s accident and all of this made it 10x worse than before.

For the next 6 months I was single mom-ing it with the help of some really amazing neighbors and military families. Like honestly if it weren’t for some of these people, I would STILL be in really bad shape. At the time Matt left for deployment, Grace was 3.5 and Isla just 8 months old. He missed Isla’s first EVERYTHING basically. He came home a couple weeks after she had learned how to walk. It sucked and I hated it but it was our reality. And through this entire time I was still processing the fact that both of my parents were now gone, which to be honest still hasn’t really sunk in 2 years later.

I was using oils in our routine for pretty much everything exceptttt for emotional support at that point. I had dealt with anxiety and anger management when my mom passed away in 2013, but specificallyyyy told my therapist that I wasn’t there seeking medication (I wasn’t using oils back then). My family has a lengthy history of mental illness, so my goal was to work through all of these issues from the INSIDE, and not rely on a medication to “cure” my problems.

When I started to dive into the oils geared toward “emotional support,” I was suuuuper hesitant, and honestly skeptical. I started with Valor, and it’s still my favorite oil to grab for when I’m feeling the things (ya know, emotions). When I use Valor, the tightness in my chest goes away, I remember to BREATHE, and my body releases the tension. I literally do not leave the house without it.

A friend told me about Release, and I’m like “ohhhh jeeze I don’t know if I’m ready for that one,” but I got it anyway. To this day, I can’t use this oil by itself, because it is THAT powerful. After my first experience with Release, I knew that these oils legit DO what they were made to do. There’s power in these plants, they are nottt just for good smells. It’s science, it’s fact, try and fight me on this.

I could go to a therapist TODAY and tell them what has happened to me in the last 2 years (hell, in the last 6 1/2 years), and they would literally throw medication at me. I could choose that path and be a fricken zombie for the rest of my life, deal with side effect after side effect of being on different medication because Xanax or Zoloft aren’t strong enough anymore. Becoming a completely different person and it having a negative impact on my kids, my marriage, my health, my LIFE.

THIS is the reason why I decided to start sharing about oils. Not because it was a “great business opportunity” or I could potentially make a lot of money. It’s because I’m a walking testimony of how you can choose a better way to live by using an option that helps our bodies thrive instead of slowly destroying them.

I hope you all find that oil that was made for YOU. These oils don’t work unless you use themmm. I have to remind myself of this more often than not, but I’m putting it out there for you guys too. If you have any questions about any emotional support, hormonal support, or calming oils, please reach out to me. I would love to share this experience with you, and to see how these oils could make whatever you’re dealing with improve or guide you through the healing process.

We’ll talk soon



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