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How We Became Oily

The Backstory on How We Got Started Using Oils

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How We Became Oily

I started using oils just so that I could get my baby to sleep through the night, and in turn so that I could get some sleep. I was working as a surgical tech in the O.R. and being on call, a new mom, and a military wife, I had a lot of things on my plate.

My husband’s job was time consuming, to say the least, and he was gone all.the.time. We lived in Omaha, about 7 hours away from Chicago where we’re originally are from, and we didn’t have babysitters or family at our fingertips to help me out. I also wasn’t the type to ask for help all that often because like with any new mom I thought to myself “I got thisss don’t worry I’m a cool mom I know exactly what I’m doing.” So even with sometimes 3 hours of broken sleep, I got up and got Grace ready for daycare and I headed out for an 8 hour shift at work.

When a friend suggested I try oils to get Grace to sleep through the night, I had no idea what they were. Never heard of them, didn’t know what they could really do, didn’t really research it at allll, but I needed a solution. And of course as soon as you have a baby you want all the best things for them; organic, all natural, best ingredients, safe for their skin, etc. So when she told me these oils were basically all of those things, I was sold.

I got my kit, started diffusing lavender (because I didn’t research anything and I knew lavender was calming), and I can say that it calmed her down quite a bit when it came to bedtime, but it didn’t put her to sleep. So I actually LOOKED INTO WHAT COULD HELP, like a normal functioning human being would, only I was sleep deprived and couldn’t make rational decisions to save my life at that point. When I actually did look up more oils and what I could use on top of lavender, I was blownnn away. How could I not have looked into this sooner??? I was working way too hard trying to do this whole mom thing on my own. WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME ABOUT THIS STUFF. I wanted to buy literally everything Young Living had on their website. Obviously I didn’t, because budget, but have you ever found something so ridiculously made for you that you want to buy allll the things they make? Currently that’s me with Madewell clothes, but you get the picture.

So I just started with a few more oils, because really that’s all I knew Young Living had. They worked, like really well, for all of us. And of course as babies grow, their sleep patterns change, so we had to adjust what we were using to get her to sleep consistently. But you know what? I didn’t stress out about it this time around because I KNEW that I had the tool I needed to figure it out. At this point, we were only using oils for night time stuff, because again, that’s all I researched. I had tunnel vision for more sleep, I didn’t even think about what else these oils could do.

Fast forward about…a year. We get orders to Hickam AFB, and for those who don’t know where that’s located, it’s freakinggg Hawaii. aka…paradise. 

We had to literally move halfway across the world (I mean not halfway, but like maybe a quarter? I don’t know, I’m not good with math). Luckily the military packs and moves us, otherwise I would have gotten rid of everything for the sake of not packing it up again. Anywho, we get to Hawaii, and it’s literally a dream. I couldn’t have expected what we experienced, and I am so so so grateful we got to live there because it honestly changed my life. 

Matt knew a few people stationed there already, because the Air Force is very much a small world, so it’s always nice to have that security blanket of potentially finding a group of people to hang out with right away. Bonus they all had young kids and lived on base, so we got comfortable fairly quick. About 6 weeks after we got there, I had a random dream about taking a pregnancy test, so I did out of PURE curiosity. Whadya know? It was positive.

So at this point we’re getting acquainted with island life; having play dates, getting invited over for dinner, making new friends, oh and going to the beach, like, a lot. We get invited over to a friend’s house for dinner, and we walk in to find that she has her diffuser on, and she has an enormous collection oils to go with it. Mind you, I had only bought maybe 3 oils outside of my kit, so I was very intrigued at her supply. I told her that I used oils too, and that I’ve been using them for sleep mostly, but I now know that there are wayyyy more uses as I’m literally staring at her shelf of bottles. Her name is Chelsea, by the way, and you’ll hear about her a lottt if you continue to follow my blog!

She is literally the best at explaining things. Like her words just make sense. Clearly I am not this way because that’s the only way I can describe it. She’s also a photographer! Which you’ll hear more about my photography history in a later blog. So we had a lot in common, and we hit it off right away. She introduced me to a whole world of military spouse photographers, and made me feel incredibly welcomed into that group.

Ok backkk to the dinner at their house. She let me smell alll of the unknown oils I had never even heard of before, and casually explained a few properties of each. Honestly I was overwhelmed, but knew I wanted a collection like that for myself. At this point, I had never known anyone else who used oils besides the friend I signed up with. And to my surprise (gasp) I had let my account go inactive, like, for 6 months. I didn’t use them consistently during our move (which spanned about 2 months) and the movers packed them, so I didn’t even have them on me until we got to Hawaii. So needless to say, Chelsea got me back on the oily train and this time I didn’t use them for just sleep.

First thing she told me to try was the Thieves Household Cleaner. She gave me a sample spray bottle of it and said “you’ll never use another cleaner in your house after you use this.” I’m pretty sure I laughed in her face because she clearly had not been to my house. I used bleach, for EVERYTHING. I worked in the operating room for 8 years before we moved to Hawaii, and decided I wouldn’t go back to work because, Hawaii, and also daycare was a joke. Like if I could live in a sterile environment, that would be ideal, kind of clean. Well, let me tell you, that I used that one little sample bottle of Thieves cleaner in

It was the Thieves cleaner. I was sold. My house FELT clean, not just smelled clean. Have I been doing it wrong this entire time? I had been fooling myself in thinking that the stronggg aroma of bleach was the only way I would be satisfied with my cleaning efforts. I had been using bleach on everything Grace touched since the day she was born. I felt guilty, in a way, that I had exposed her to that much so young. She was always sick, so what was I supposed to do? She went to daycare 4-5 days a week and I did NOT want those germs in my house, so I bleached our life basically.

After that I got more and more curious. I signed up for Essential Rewards knowing that I wanted to switch to cleaner products, and I feel like the rest is history. Not really, but this post is getting really long and I congratulate you for getting this far! 

There is so much more to tell, so I hope you come back and read about it!

We’ll talk soon!



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