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Essential oils are organic compounds that are extracted from a plant and used for their therapeutic properties. They can be found in the plant's flower, stem, leaves, bark, fruit, and even roots. Young Living oils are therapeutic-grade, meaning they have the ability to work with your body. Oils are the lifeblood of the plant, and when these plants are grown in the right conditions, 
harvested at the correct time, and distilled with the utmost care, they can aid in keeping our bodies healthy, happy, and working how they were intended to work. 
Oils are made up of teeny tiny molecules that are small enough to pass through our body's tissue and go directly into the cells. Our internal systems 
are super receptive and can transport these molecules all over the body within a matter of minutes! 
The molecules from the essential oils reach our brain in 22 seconds, they're found in our bloodstream in 2 minutes, and they affect every cell in the body within 20 minutes. 
It's crazy right?? Oils aren't just a quick fix for our issues, they allow our bodies to become balanced as it should be.

what are they?

I hear this all the time:
"Do they actually work?"
Yes, yes they do. I wouldn't be pouring my life into them if they didn't. Each individual oil possesses a different benefit. They range from emotional, hormonal, stress, sleep, energy, focus, skin, immune, digestion, and so much more. I learn something new every single day about the benefits that these oils offer and I'm still blown away at what they are capable of doing. 

When you use essential oils in your daily routine, your body starts to thrive at the wellness line that it creates when all of your body's systems are in balance. When it goes below the wellness line, you start to show signs and symptoms of whatever system has been compromised. Using pure essential oils for their specific purpose can aid in you
recovering quicker and building up your body's natural defenses. 

benefits of eo's

The Seed to Seal Promise means that from the time the seed is sourced until the oil is sealed in the bottle, rigorous quality control 
ensures that you are receiving essential oils exactly the way nature intended.
Young Living owns its own farms and distilleries across the globe, and anyone can tour the farms and be a part of the process.
The land used is beyond typical organic standards here in the U.S. The soil and water have to be pesticide free for 50+ years to even be considered for farming. Young Living only uses seeds from the plants they've actually harvested in their fields, meaning they are non-GMO and nonconventional. Oils are used on the crops as a natural pest control, the weeding is done by hand, there is continual testing on the quality of water, soil, and air surrounding the farm, and there has to be at least 5 years of successful growth to be qualified for distillation.
Young Living has strict standards when it comes to the actual oil of the plant harvested. Every batch of oil is tested multiple times throughout the process, both in-house and 
3rd party testing, starting from the raw material up until its bottled. If it doesn't match the quality standards, it's rejected.
Young Living has over 25 years of experience and has held true on their promise of providing us with the best quality oil in the world. They are transparent in the entire process
 and I have personally been able to witness this first hand in Utah at the Mona Lavender Farm. What they have created is seriously amazing! 

seed to seal promise

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